You are being lied to.

Right now, at this very moment, as you sit at your desk, your government is plotting world domination–and you are their tool. They have infiltrated your school, your job, your social clique, even your own family. The quiet dictators have replaced them with double agents that have been programmed to defend the government’s evil actions at all costs.

But do not fear. For there is one among you willing to stand up and wield the otoscope of investigation, place the ice-cold stethoscope of research to the bare chest of the government’s claims, and shove the gloved finger of truth up the ass of lies: Dr. Truth.

You may ask yourself: But who is this enigmatic creature willing to fight for my right to know? I shall tell you. Dr. Truth is an extraterrestrial being that has been exposing lies and cover-ups within the System since the Atlantean Parliament conspired to destroy their own island. It is Dr. Truth that woke the Romans up to Nero’s sadistic plot to invade Mexico (and you thought Mexico hadn’t been discovered yet), and it is Dr. Truth that exposed Socrates as a practising homosexual with the Ancient Greek version of blurry pictures.

And now he is back, and he has a big, giant needle of truth ready to inject some facts into this festering pus wound of lies and conspiracies. I am an agent for the Truth, here to expose the lies of the evil government with facts* and interviews with real* experts** to wake up the whole world.

Make no mistake. There will be many among you that shall decry and denounce me as “wrong” or “drunk” or “raving lunatic” or “homicidal rapist.” If you choose to listen to me, the world as you know it will become your greatest enemy. You will be mocked, beaten, possibly killed in the name of the Truth. But do not fear, for I shall be on call 24/7 to deliver an all-night house call of facts to the crippled and dying mass of sheeple all over the world.

All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with men, which ought not to be spread abroad, I will expose and reveal to the world.

*”Facts” and “real” are copyright Dr. Truth and may not be reproduced (physically, electronically or telepathically) without my explicit permission.

**Experts are anonymous individuals who seem nice and smart, thus no background check shall be required.


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  1. you scare me

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