The Doctor is In

Welcome to my office of knowledge. Have a seat. Relax. Let me pull out your chart.

. . .Hmm. . . .it says here that you have a history of gullibility, naivete and innocence. Common symptoms include believing everything that is told to you by the mass media, a lack of willingness to do research on government claims, and inhibited freethought. Common causes are poor education, peer pressure and alien brainwashing. There is a genetic predisposition to these illnesses.

This pandemic of ignorance is spreading faster than ever before, my friend, and there is only one cure:


I am Dr. Truth, M.D., Ph.D., Psy.D., AD.D., and every other D. you can conceive of (and several that you can’t). I am here to write an overpriced prescription of knowledge, truth and wisdom. But be warned: these pills can be hard to swallow.

My diagnosis of your condition: Kept in the Dark Syndrome. All your poor, miserable life you have been fed lies like mashed potatoes from your government, your media, and even your schools. It may take years of therapeutic counseling to fix the damage, but fear not, for I never ignore a patient unless he is without the insurance of sense. So if you’re ready for your physical examination, take a deep breath, drop your pants, bend over and we shall begin.


~ by Dr. Truth on May 29, 2009.

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